Novel Method for Detection of Tissue-Specific, RNAi-Mediated Gene Silencing Published in “RNA”

We have published a paper in the journal RNA describing a novel method that enables the quantification of circulating messenger RNA (mRNA) and micro-RNA (miRNA) as a way of monitoring tissue-specific RNA silencing, and demonstrating RNAi mechanism of action.  The method, called circulating Extracellular RNA Detection (cERD), could have broad applicability in clinical studies since it allows for monitoring of tissue-specific mRNA levels using a non-invasive technique.

The new published data show that changes in circulating RNA levels correspond closely to changes in tissue RNA levels, suggesting that RNA levels from biological fluids provide an accurate ‘real-time’ representation of tissue RNA status.  These findings are important to the development of RNAi therapeutics, as the cERD method could be extended to the clinical setting to allow the routine, accurate, and frequent measurement of organ-specific target gene knockdown and/or RNAi mechanism without the need for tissue biopsies.