We have launched our fourth program as part of our Alnylam 5x15 product development strategy.  ALN-APC is an RNAi therapeutic for the treatment of hemophilia, and as with our other Alnylam 5x15 programs, targets protein C, a genetically defined target, and will utilize Alnylam’s existing delivery platform. [spotlight-link icon="release" href="" type=" "]Read our press release[/spotlight-link] [spotlight-link icon="podcast" href="" type="(13.3MB mp3)"]Listen to our CMO discuss the hemophilia program[/spotlight-link] [spotlight-link icon="presentation" href= type="(1.5MB PPT)"]View the slides [/spotlight-link]

Our flagship effort from the Alnylam 5x15 strategy is our ALN-TTR program, which is currently enrolling patients in a Phase I study for the treatment of a disease called transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis (ATTR). [spotlight-link icon="release" href="" type=" "]Read our press release[/spotlight-link] [spotlight-link icon="presentation" href="" type="(720KB PPT)"]ALNY-PNS-Poster-ALN-TTR-NT-Study-June2011[/spotlight-link] [spotlight-link icon="presentation" href="" type="(1.1MB PPT)"]ALNY-PNS-Poster-ALN-TTR-June2011[/spotlight-link] [spotlight-link icon="presentation" href="" type="(1.0 MB PPT)"] ALN-TTR RNAi Roundtable, July 2010[/spotlight-link]

At the ASCO Annual Meeting in June 2011, we presented complete results from our Phase I clinical trial with ALN-VSP, a systemically delivered RNAi therapeutic for the treatment of patients with advanced solid tumors with liver involvement. [spotlight-link icon="release" href="" type=" "]Read our press release[/spotlight-link] [spotlight-link icon="presentation" href="" type="(1.2MB PPT)"]ALN-VSP PhI ClinicalStudyResults-ASCO2011[/spotlight-link] [spotlight-link icon="presentation" href="" type="(2.2 MB PPT)"] ALN-VSP RNAi Roundtable, May 2011[/spotlight-link] [spotlight-link icon="podcast" href="" type="(3.1MB MP3)"]Listen to Dr. Jared Gollob discuss ALN-VSP data at ASCO 2011[/spotlight-link]

In June 2011, our scientists presented an update on our Huntington’s disease program, ALN-HTT, at the 26th Annual HDSA National Convention. [spotlight-link icon="presentation" href="" type="(1.8MB PPT)"]HDSA 2011 Presentation[/spotlight-link]  

In January 2011, Jared Gollob, M.D., Senior Director of Clinical Research at Alnylam, presented important clinical data from our ALN-VSP Phase I trial, demonstrating that RNAi can be harnessed in man using systemically delivered RNAi therapeutics. [spotlight-link icon="release" href="" type=""]Read our press release[/spotlight-link] [spotlight-link icon="podcast" href="" type=""]Dana Farber ALN-VSP Proof of Mechanism[/spotlight-link]

Alnylam scientists and collaborators presented new pre-clinical data from our ALN-TTR program at the XII International Symposium on Amyloidosis in Rome on April 18 - 21, 2010. These data demonstrated, for the first time, that treatment with an RNAi therapeutic can result in regression of...


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