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R&D Day 2016

We look forward to updating you on the progress of our pipeline of RNAi therapeutics. Below, you will find downloadable links to the presentations being delivered today. Thank you for joining us!

Presentations (Click the Download icon to view the presentation)

Alnylam 2020 in Focus

John Maraganore

Platform and Portfolio Update

Akshay Vaishnaw

hATTR Amyloidosis and Patisiran

Ole Suhr, Akshay Vaishnaw

Hemophilia and Fitusiran

John Pasi, Akin Akinc

Acute Hepatic Porphyrias and Givosiran

Robert Desnick, Pushkal Garg

Alnylam 2020 in Focus: Preparing for Commercial Success

Barry Greene

Patient Videos

For more information on our clinical candidates, including recent data presentations and publications, please visit Capella on Alnylam.com. For inquiries, please contact Christine Regan Lindenboom (Investors and Media): 617-682-4340, clindenboom@alnylam.com or Josh Brodsky (Investors): 617-551-8276, jbrodsky@alnylam.com