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Grants And Giving

Alnylam is committed to supporting global healthcare improvement for patients through the medical and scientific understanding of our therapeutic areas of interest for healthcare professionals. Additionally, we are committed to supporting educational programs and initiatives spearheaded by organizations focused on patient advocacy, community education, and other scientific efforts related to our therapeutic areas of interest:

Alnylam receives a number of worthwhile requests. As many more requests are received than can be funded, not all submitted requests will be approved, and some requests may be approved for a dollar amount less than what is requested. Do not assume that a request has been approved. Requestors will receive an email notification of approval or denial directly from the funding request system. All approved requests are subject to the execution of an appropriate contract before funds will be made available.

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The following are the types of requests that will be considered:


Alnylam is committed to supporting the medical and scientific understanding of our therapeutic areas of interest for healthcare professionals and patients through education, projects, and initiatives.

Alnylam supports independent medical education activities and initiatives to healthcare professionals (HCPs) to address unmet educational needs as long as they are high-quality, balanced, scientifically rigorous, and free from commercial bias.

Alnylam also supports independent patient education and advocacy that is designed for patients and their caregivers.

The following are types of grants we support:

Educational Projects and Initiatives


Alnylam will support patient care improvement projects and learning initiatives that advance the awareness and application of evidence-based medicine, resulting in better care for patients and relevant, measurable, clinical outcomes.

Some examples include:

  • Patient advocacy initiatives
  • Patient education programs
  • Other projects focused on HCPs

Download the Patient Grants at a Glance (PDF)

Charitable Donations


Alnylam will support public health and humanitarian initiatives and projects through charitable donations.

Sponsorships & Exhibits


Alnylam considers funding to support live events, activities, and/or programs aimed at educating patients, caregivers, scientists, or healthcare professionals through the following:

  • Event Sponsorship
  • Exhibits
  • Research Conferences
  • Annual Meetings
  • Patient Advocacy Events
  • Corporate Memberships

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