Patient Access Philosophy

Liana, living with hATTR amyloidosis
and her daughter Gabriella (Brazil)

Our Commitment to Patients, Payers, and Physicians

At Alnylam, we all live by a shared philosophy when it comes to patient access: Our innovative therapies must get to those who may benefit from them. That philosophy of putting the patient first isn’t just a belief common among our leadership and employees, it’s a statement of intent and a specific set of actions that we’ve undertaken as a company. As part of our commitment, we publish an annual Patient Access Philosophy Report as a read-out on our progress.

Our Patient Access Philosophy was created well before our first medicine was even approved, because we wanted to ensure that in preparing to be a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company, we had a north star guiding how we behave and the decisions we make to ensure that patients around the world can access every medicine we develop.



Too often, patients have trouble accessing the medicines prescribed by their doctors, and this is especially true for innovative new medicines for diseases that previously had limited or inadequate treatment options. People living with these diseases deserve no less than our very best when it comes to research and development, and they equally deserve no less than access to the latest treatments when they become available. To that end, we recognize that Alnylam has an important role to play. – John Maraganore, Ph.D., CEO of Alnylam

Alnylam’s Patient Access Philosophy Commitment

Help Patients


  • Above all, we put patients first.
  • Recognizing that access means more than insurance coverage. We have broadened our definition of access to consider distribution and point of care.
  • We’re on a journey of building strong relationships with our patient communities. We partner with patient advocacy groups, healthcare providers, and payers to support disease awareness, diagnosis, and access efforts.
  • We listen and respond to patients and help as many people as possible who need access to these treatments, with meaningful, practical solutions.
  • We know that proactive steps we take for better access today lead to further innovation that will enable us to help even more people in the future.
Deliver Value to Payers


  • We view patient access as a responsibility requiring innovation in developing mechanisms and models that remove barriers to access, by responding to the concerns of payers.
  • Whether evolving approaches to reimbursement or trailblazing global markets, we are breaking down barriers to access by delivering value to payers, making the concept of value-based care a reality.
  • We demonstrate evidence-based value objectively and transparently.
  • We establish responsible pricing that reflects value delivered to patients, caregivers, and society.
  • We proactively pursue reimbursement through value-based agreements and other innovative approaches.
  • We remain committed to growth through continuous innovation, not arbitrary price increases.
Be Proactive and Accountable


  • We recognize that no single solution can meet all payer challenges. Each drug and each patient population present unique challenges, colored by a myriad of factors. We advocate for policies that promote innovation, value communication, and patient access.
  • We’ve developed innovative reimbursement contracts, and we’ve then gone the next step to take these contracts from concept to operational feasibility.
  • As we continue developing new drugs and overcoming barriers to access in this golden age of medicine, our core principles guide us. We always act with medical and scientific excellence and integrity.
  • In the spirit of understanding and responding to those risks that matter most to payers, we continue to evolve new frameworks, acting with urgency to minimize the time it takes to get approved therapies to patients.
  • We track and report our efforts to help patients access our therapies.
Our Patient Access Philosophy enables us to measure progress against three key factors:
  • Patients come first
  • Innovation is key in everything we do
  • Accountability is a must
Understand how by downloading our latest Patient Access Philosophy Report

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