Intellectual Property

Alnylam protects its Intellectual Property (IP) with fundamental, chemistry, delivery, and target patents and patent applications covering the design, development and commercialization of RNAi therapeutics as well as that protection afforded by the various trademark, copyright, and trade secret laws.

Alnylam’s patent estate includes a large number of issued patents and pending patent applications in the world’s major pharmaceutical markets—United States, European Union, and Japan, along with other countries throughout the world. This broad portfolio covers, for example, oligonucleotides, including synthetic RNA molecules, both modified and unmodified, optimized for a variety of delivery modalities, such as lipid- and conjugate-based systems, their synthesis and use, including use as therapeutics, diagnostics, and research reagents.

In addition to patent protection, Alnylam further safeguards its IP through the use of trade secret protection afforded by the relevant state and federal trade secret laws. We believe these patents and pending applications, in conjunction with our proprietary technology and trade secrets, place Alnylam in the strongest possible position to not only build our company over the long term and accelerate our efforts to bring life-saving drugs to patients in need, but to enable other companies for advancement of RNAi therapeutics with licenses to our IP estate and associated know-how. This belief has been validated by the progress of Alnylam and its partners with an extensive array of programs in pre-clinical and clinical development as well as multiple marketed products across a wide variety of disease areas.

Alnylam has a broad portfolio of registered trademarks in the United States, European Union, Japan and other countries throughout the world providing protection of the Alnylam brand and marketed products, as well as various copyrighted works.


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