We Work to Give Medical Professionals the Tools They Need

Alnylam is committed to supporting and partnering with the healthcare community, across many disease areas. This includes providing information on our research and treatments in development.

Acting “Upstream” of Today’s Medicines

With investigational RNAi therapeutics, we believe it may be possible to block the production of disease-causing proteins before they are made.

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Late Stage

Learn more about our investigational therapies in hereditary ATTR amyloidosis, hemophilia, and acute hepatic porphyria.

Early Stage

Learn more about our investigational therapies across multiple disease areas.

Access to Investigational Medicines

Alnylam is dedicated to developing new therapies that have a positive impact on patient health, and to serving patients, patient families, and patient communities through education, empathy, and awareness. We understand that there are seriously ill patients who will not be eligible for our clinical trials and may not have options for alternative therapies, including investigational therapies in trials being conducted by other sponsors. In these circumstances, Alnylam will consider providing a requesting physician with pre-approval access to a specific Alnylam investigational medicine, for the treatment of an individual patient outside of a clinical trial, when certain conditions are met.


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Alnylam Grant Information

Alnylam is committed to supporting the medical and scientific understanding of our therapeutic areas of interest for healthcare professionals. Additionally, we are committed to supporting educational programs and initiatives spearheaded by organizations focused on patient advocacy, community education and support, and other scientific efforts related to our therapeutic areas of interest.


To submit a request for funding related to an educational grant (including, but not limited to independent medical education/continuing medical education programs) or sponsorships, please email your requests to


Learn more about a newly approved treatment option available for patients in the US.

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Alnylam AssistTM helps patients access ONPATTROTM (patisiran) with personalized support.

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Alnylam Act provides no-charge, independent genetic testing and counseling to individuals in the US and Canada who may have hATTR amyloidosis, acute hepatic porphyria, or primary hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1).

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Learn more about the symptoms and progression of hATTR amyloidosis.

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